What is Technical Matric National Senior Certificate?

Technical Matric is a Department of Higher Education qualification accredited by the regulatory body Umalusi as an equivalent to a National Senior certificate. The qualification is obtained by completing four (4) N3 subjects and adding Business English and Sake Afrikaans languages. The two languages are compulsory for anyone who wants to complete Technical Matric.

How can you obtain Technical Matric National Senior Certificate?

Technical Matric National Senior Certificate can be obtained in a number of ways depending on an individual. As previously mentioned, you can now obtain Technical Matric National Senior certificate by completing six subjects in total. These subjects can be completed in a number of ways. There are three trimesters in which one can do their Matric-in April exams, July/August exams and November exams. This does not mean that you can write all the six subjects at the same time; however you can divide your subjects into two per trimester or three.

For example, a person who wants to have two exam sittings can do three subjects in one trimester and the last two in the other trimester giving a total of six subjects. However please note that Business English and Sake Afrikaans are only written in November exams.

Different types of studies for Technical Matric

You can obtain Technical Matric National Senior Certificate in different ways. The most common way that has been used is to attend classes at a nearest college that offers Technical Matric. The other option is to do your Matric through distance or what they commonly call correspondence learning.

There are a few colleges that offer distance learning at the best quality as possible. Hence before you register it is important to check ask the support you will receive from that particular college. One of the colleges we usually recommend and has consistently helped students get their Matric through distance learning is Ekurhuleni Tech College. For more information on distance learning through Ekurhuleni Tech College you can click here and visit their website.

As mentioned, studying through attending classes is the best one as you can have the experience and advantage of getting all the possible understanding as possible, however the problem comes when you do not have the time to attend these classes and your schedule being tight. For such people we suggest that they opt for distance learning. As mentioned Ekurhuleni Tech College is one of the best in that area in the whole country.

What happens after writing all your exams?

After you have written and passed all your exams, the Department of Education will issue you with your statements and subject certificates for every subject you have passed. If you have passed all your four subjects plus your two languages Business English and Sake Afrikaans, it is then on the onus of the student to apply at the department to combine the subjects and obtain a single National Senior