Technical Matric N3 sample certificate is commonly referred to as N3 sample certificate. Attached below is a sample certificate for Technical Matric N3 to show you as example of the certificate you will obtain if you want to obtain your Matric through studying N3.

The N3 Matric sample certificate has certain information hidden for privacy and confidentiality purposes.

You also can study towards the same N3 matric certificate shown, the process is the same, the only difference might be in the type of subjects that you will be doing.

Continue reading below to see how this Technical Matric N3 sample certificate can be obtained.


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What is Technical Matric N3

Technical Matric N3 is a senior certificate qualification for a matric equivalent obtained though the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and Umalusi. The requirements for the N3 matric equivalent is to pass four N3 Technical subjects and then add the compulsory Business English and Sake Afrikaans.

N3 Matric Sample Certificate

Technical Matric N3 sample Certificate

As you can see from the N3 certificate sample shown, you can obtain your N3 Technical Matric by passing four content subjects and adding two languages Business English and Sake Afrikaans.

The above N3 sample certificate shows a student who obtained their matric in 2016. They sat for exams in July/August as well as in November. The student wrote three subjects in July/August exams as well as the last three subjects  in  November exams hence you see it written Aug 2016 and Nov 2016. These are different exams sittings.

N3 certificate

The student first had to apply to the DHET so as to combine the fisrt four content subjects to obtain the N3 certificate. This was followed by an application again to DHET for their matric certificate.

The first process they did was to combine the first four content subjects written which from the certificate are:

  • Supervision in Industry
  • Industrial Orientation
  • Industrial Organization and planning
  • Mechanotechnology

The four content subjects after combination became an N3 certificate under engineering studies. This N3 certificate can then be used to study further for N4 to N6. However the aim of the student in this case was to obtain a Technical Matric under N3 courses.


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Technical Matric certificate

The student then used the N3 certificate together with the languages passed to obtain a National Senior certificate as shown in the sample certificate above.

If you are also looking to obtain a matric, your goal is to pass four content subjects under N3 and add two compulsory languages and you will obtain your Matric certificate.

Why not choose to get your Matric certificate simple and faster by doing N3 courses, and remember unlike the normal school matric, you can study technical matric from home and only write final exams at a registered centre of that college.

Requirements to get Technical Matric N3

There are no major requirements needed to study Technical Matric. No prior report or schooling is needed, only the ability to do the subjects including the two compulsory languages. Of course there is an age limit of 17 years to ensure students do not leave the normal school for the Technical Matric.

Best Colleges to offer Technical Matric N3

There are many god colleges out there one can choose to do their Technical Matric. The most important thing to always remember is the support you will get throughout your studies to ensure you pass your exams-which is value for your money.

Also it is best to find out if the college is also flexible enough to offer correspondence learning for N3 Technical Matric. This makes it easier should you have a tight schedule from work to study from home but still at the end of the year obtain your matric.

I will advise that you consider registering with Ekurhuleni Tech College one of the best correspondence college. They also offer contact classes in Krugersdorp. Currently they only have one branch in Krugersdorp I hope they will expand soon.


Register with Ekurhuleni Tech College Click Here

If needing to check their website please visit and you will get more information regarding Technical Matric.

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