ABET Matric (Amended Senior Certificate) or Technical Matric N3 Part 1

The most asked question one always hears when it comes to adults who want to complete their matric is whether they must do ABET matric or Technical Matric N3. This post will clearly answer the question and show you which options you can take in both Matrics.

Let us start by looking at ABET Matric

What is ABET Matric

ABET Matric is the matric that is done by one who has left schools and still wants to complete their matric from scratch or redo the subjects they failed. ABET Matric now I called Amended CAPS after the syllabus change in 2014. The Department of Education phased out the old syllabus curriculum in 2014 and replaced with Amended CAPS.

What are the requirements for ABET Matric or Amended CAPS (Amended Senior Certificate)

The following are the major requirements that qualify one to do ABET Matric

  • The individual must be 21 years and above
  • The individual must have a grade 10 or 11 report (as a proof the completed either grade 10 or 11)
  • If the individual does not have the report, a grade 9 report is also accepted for much older people.

What subjects can you study with ABET Matric

ABET Matric allows you to study any subject you want which were in the NCS curriculum. Please note though that the some of the subjects that used to be offered in the old syllabus ‘nated’ are no longer available such as Biology (now called Life Science) and Business Economics (now Business Studies and Economics).

How long can you take to study ABET Matric

It takes a full year to study ABET Matric. The registrations usually begin in the month of June and exams are written in the following calendar year between May and June. The registrations usually close around October and reopen for a week in the January to give chance to those who want to register after their grade 12 results are out. Please note that not all students who failed grade 12 can register under ABET only those who are three years after their matric and the department has removed them from the system fall under ABET.

For example, suppose a learner wrote their Matric in 2013 and they failed some of the subjects. Their CASS mark (Continuous assessment mark) is still valid for three years and the Department keeps it for three years. When the learner rewrites the subjects they failed, they have three times to rewrite while still using their CASS mark that is in 2014, 2015 and 2016. They write their exams in November. By the end of 2016 it is their last chance to write their exams. Suppose they fail, at this point the Department removes them from the system and they fall now under learners who write in June. These learners then have an opportunity to quickly register in January 2017 after getting their 2016 results and can write in six months’ time. These are the learner the Department give chance again should they want to write in six months’ time. Hence a few days of registration is open in January.

Does the ABET certificate has endorsements

The Amended CAPS has no endorsements yet from the Department of Education. The Department with Umalusi are still in the process of endorsing it. This means that the Amended CAPS cannot allow you to study Bachelor’s Degree in the Universities. While the normal CAPS has endorsements and even though the subjects are the same and the syllabus is the same unfortunately the certificate does not have endorsement.

To read more on the Amended CAPS refer to the following Umalusi website regarding Amended CAPS. http://www.education.gov.za/Curriculum/SeniorCertificate(amended).aspx



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